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Social Responsibility


​Along with our relentless commitment to justice,  advocacy and activism, Rahni Song and August Child Media Group will provide immediate training and numerous employment opportunities in every aspect of the entertainment industry in the communities in which we conduct business. Creative, technical, legal and administrative career development will be an intricate part of our grassroots outreach educational programs. In most of the inner cities of America, there is a gross and grave need for hope and opportunity.​​

Our outreach program is designed to bring hope and offer training for those in the community who are making honest efforts and attempts to gain willful employment and change. We have included classroom environments for these community programs. Along with this strategy, we believe that hands-on experience is a great tool for targeting industry interest and focus. Through experienced staff of educators and social alliances, we have devised a plan that would place us and our career development program in direct collaboration with educational infrastructure of each city August Child Media Group has a presence. This collaborative effort will encourage the educational system of each city to supplement basic academics with classes relative to business, the arts and technology. Within the curriculum, a young student will realize the relativity of basic academics as it relates to future life.


Our company will offer classes in Physics & Audio Sciences, Engineering, Electronics - (digital & analog), Law, Accounting, Television & Film Production, Contract Development, Computer Sciences, Credible Journalism, Communications, Etiquette and Speech. This program will create an advantage  not just for the young student, but benefit adults looking to enter and/or re-enter the workforce. August Child Media Group is also looking to create employment opportunities for the community as a whole.​ With the extensive production schedule of the company, jobs of this nature will be a constant economical force within the cities we conduct business. We endeavor to encourage and promote change in every aspect of our business practices. To promote a propitious environment for the up and coming visionaries of our next generation.

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